Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday is really anti-climactic...you spend a lot of time prior to the actual day trying to find cute clothes & help the Easter bunny, and its over in a matter of minutes. I guess for the most part the joy on the kids face is worth it, but then comes the getting dressed. Karlee and Cole were great cause they loved what they got (that is Cole's first tie ever)...but Grady on the other hand is quite a different story. I guess he is most Sundays, but when you want to take a picture and he is throwing a fit it takes a little of the joy out of it! When he was feeling a little nicer...he told me I could take his picture after church. We then went to the Crandalls for some yummy dinner and then back home for the Mattison gathering....then to bed...finally!

Kaylie's Wedding

So I started wondering why I have not very many pictures from Grady's birthday until now...it was this blasted wedding. My oldest niece got married on March 24th and I was asked to help with the decorating. Well I, not knowing how much work a wedding takes, said absolutely...how fun! I recruited Lisa and Tiffany to help refinish furniture and thrifting for all the wedding needs...we worked fro 21/2 moths straight and if i do say so myself it was pretty darn nice. After all that i don't even have a picture of her. O well The wedding went off without a hitch, and I am so glad its over!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Grady

Grady turns 4! I am sad to admit that this was the first party I have given him. He just never cared about it before...this year he was totally into it! We borrowed a jumper from the Peterson's in our ward which made it possible for us to feed every one. He really doesn't eat cake, but loves himself some ice cream so we had an ice cream bar. He was super stoked about the whole present thing...what a great concept. and we ended of the night with a dance off on the kinnect. Happy Birthday buddy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year

So we decided to get out of town for new years...Keely found a great deal at Ruby's Inn in Bryce canyon so we loaded up and headed out. There was an indoor swimming pool which is where we spent most of our nights. We went to panguitch lake with Debra, Norman, And Darwins family To have some fun on the tubes and sleds. As wee were getting everything unloaded...I look over and Grady has opted to just go down a hill with no king of sledding device...just his body! What a weirdo! Cole an Halle shared a tube for the most part of the day. They even got a dog sled ride. Norman carved a hole for some good ol' fashioned ice fishing...I'm not sure if they ever caught any. We had lunch and shortly after packed up.

The next day was Ice skating in the parking lot of our hotel. Debra knew the owners so we skated for $1.00 as long as we wanted. It was very windy and super cold so it wasn't a very long time. Cole was a little apprehensive at first so he used a skate mate and then he tried without and did a great job. Grady was happier inside with grandma and of course Karlee skated like a pro. then we went up to Bryce canyon and ate some super yummy chili with the McKee's and sis a little site seeing. It was a really fun trip and we hope to do it again.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gilbert Temple

We are coming right along with the new Temple. I love being so close. I get to drive by every day and watch the progress that is being made. How awesome it is going to be when it is done. It really brings new meaning to the phrase, "I love to see the Temple."

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas

My kids acctually woke up on their own....let this day go down in history. We were really excited about this Christmas...Not having a lot of money we were able to have a pretty good morning. Santa brought

Friday, December 30, 2011

All aboard!!!!

This year on our street the Boyles hosted a polar express. It was so fun. The whole street was invited to come attend. There was lots of food and mingling and then came the exciting part of the actual train ride. they hooked up a bunch of half barrel cars to a quad a went around the yard making the appropriate stops to make it like the movie...even pick up a hobo. But before they could go the had to give their golden ticket to the conductor.  then they went up and down the street and when they came back Santa was on the front lawn awaiting their arrival. It was such a fun Christmas activity.

We had to leave early from the polar express to go to the annual Christmas party with the Crandall side. This year there were lots of minute to win it games. Jeff and Cole had to shoot as many baskets as possible into the hoop...they lost...but they sure had fun. Cole thought it was awesome to do that with his dad. there was an ice cream bar and Grady thought he had died and gone to heaven. I got him a bowl, which he finished and the next thing i know he is using the icecream scoop and getting it right out of the tub....Yummy! Then Santa came which is always the highlight of the night...Till next year.